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Meet Michael Gerhold: His education, his career, his credits and his current activities.

Composer ♦ Musician ♦ Audio Engineer

When I first had the opportunity to listen to an acoustic drum set at the age of 15, it was all up with me. A few months later I had my first drum kit standing in the basement and I recruited some friends for my first band. Another year later I bought my first guitar and began writing my own music.

The more bands I joined and formed, the bigger was my desire for high-quality recordings of these. That time a journey started for me, a journey into the depths of audio engineering that goes on until today. Within the first years, I tried to learn everything in a self-teaching manner, but then I studied at the School of Audio Engineering in Frankfurt am Main to professionalize myself.  I got my Audio Engineering Diploma in the year 2008. During the following years I worked as audio engineer and freelance private tutor.

Today I’m the owner of a free institute for after school tutoring, but still follow my vocation on the weekends and during school vacations. I specialized in recording local bands in my well equipped home studio. Corresponding with the music genre I always made myself, those bands mostly play “Hard’n’Heavy” music, but I also did several recordings of jazz bands, indie rock bands and others. Besides that, I work as a live engineer on concerts and also did various live recordings in the past.

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