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Martin Schmidt’s animated short ‚Precise Peter‘ has passed last year’s festival circuits with tremendous success: 9 international film festival awards and still counting! Roman Beilharz has worked out the nifty sound design together with Schmidt that makes this ‚father machinery‘ run until its breakdown.

Animated Short (D 2009)

Running Time: 5′ 37“

Production: University of Arts, Kassel Format: 35mm/Full-HD

Screenplay, Director & Animation: Martin Schmidt

Sound-Design & Music: Roman Beilharz Mix: UVASONAR Media Pool

Release Date: 2010 Status: Finished

Full Credits see crew-united.com


  1. Honorary Mention, Computeranimation/Film/VFX, Prix ARS Electronica 2010
  2. Gryphon Award for Best Short Film, Elements +3, 40th Giffoni Film Festival (2010)
  3. Audience Award for Best Student Film, Anima Mundi Animation Festival 2010
  4. Best Kids Award, Fantoche Animation Festival 2010
  5. Kids Audience Award, Fantoche Animation Festival 2010
  6. Winner of the day, ContraVision Film Festival 2010
  7. Audience Award, Haydauer Filmtage 2010
  8. Best Animation Award, Kinofest Int. Digital Film Festival 2010
  9. Best Animation Award, Skena Up Student Film & Theatre Festival 2010

Since the birth of his junior, precise Peter has been looking forward to this day! Finally the little tyke will be introduced to the subtleties of the family ritual. The fish is ready, the garden prepared and the sun is shining as planned. The great dinner ceremony may begin!

„Precise Peter“ is a humorous reflection of a barbecue that could have happened in my family’s allotment garden. The father takes great pleasure in his ritual, as he has been perfecting it over many years. His enjoyment can only be beaten by the fun his little son is experiencing, while trying to be a part of the adult world.

Corresponding to the father’s character, the world in the film is a geometric one. Every frame, step and object has to match a 90-degree angle. The color spectrum is that of a vacation photo, lit up for posterity by Photoshop. For the composition of this world, 3D Computer-Animation offered a precise solution. To reach an exact definition though, the starting point was a very detailed, drawn animatic.

„Martin Schmidt’s Precise Peter is an inventive bit of CG filmmaking, made more impressive by the fact that it’s a student film produced at the German school University of Art Kassel. It’s fun to see a film in which the animation itself plays such an important role in the storytelling. The sound design, which has a rhythmical quality of its own, adds to the experience.“

„Precise Peter“, presented by the School of Art Kassel and produced by Martin Schmidt, is an animated film that comes along with teutonic angularity – and resolves in a wonderfully sympathetic Chaos that can only be described as a happy ending. The short animated film is one of the most decorated entries in the (2010 Youtube Play) competition, as it has already won a number of prizes. Most recently, it was awarded at the Ars Electronica 2010.
„The ultimate YouTube-Playlist“/Spiegel.de

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