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ThunderBall Films‘ Producer Mario Domina has signed a co-production agreement with UVASONAR Media Pool in January 2009 to get our multiply awarded SciFi Dramedy ‚THE GAP‘ on the silver screen. First thing in line will be the production of a Trailer.

A SciFi Dramedy (D, USA, GB)

Running Time: approx. 120 minutes

Fmat: 35mm/Full-HD (1920×1080/24p)

Writer: Roman Beilharz

Script Editor: Tanisha Vicky Germain

Script Consultant: Dorothea Neukirchen


ThunderBall Films


Status: Development/Funding


the gap theme

Imagine living in the age of communication – and no-one lies.

The super-worm GAP is distributing a media-sequence worldwide, which turns viewers into ‚better people‘: honest, compassionate and peaceful. – A shady gift.

IT whiz kid TRYGG NELL, 32, is not really enjoying the success of his anti-virus program VIRON. The dynamics of economic growth threaten to not only make shambles of his utopistic intentions, but of his marriage as well. With software-giant MOCKASOFT’s deal-of-his-lifetime on the line, the super-worm GAP infects computers worldwide with a pulsing media-sequence. As Viron fails to eliminate it, the deal is hanging by a thread. To be able to take time out with his wife, Trygg sets his principles at naught and tries to buy the virus author before the Mockasoft delegation arrives. The hottest scent leads him to Internet-addicted farmer’s daughter CARESS McIVAN, who turns out to be a very talented hacker – but not to be the source. As they feel attracted to each other, Caress sniffs the chance to escape her patriarchal family-system and manages to salvage the deal in the nick of time.

In the meantime, every infected PC’s user begins to develop an awkwardly honest and peaceful nature. Due to this development, Trygg discovers that his wife is having an affair with his chaotic brother ERLEND and Caress is brutally expelled from home. As it dawns on them, that there must be a connection between the gap virus and the ongoing metamorphosis, Trygg and Caress team up with others in search of the virus‘ creator. The latter does everything to distract them, but very much to his cost he is infected, too. One by one blows his own cover; even political opponents start to enjoy their newly won reputability. After a period of compulsive empathy, the media-sequence’s effect begins to diminish. Falling back into patterns of aggressive behavior, the seekers get enmeshed in mutual accusations, lose sight of the goal – and a member of the team.

Five years of separation allow Trygg and Caress to find their ways without the power of the virus. As the missing piece of the puzzle pops up, the team reunites one last time to decode the key to locking the virus‘ effect for good. Now they must choose between human imperfection and an antiseptically peaceful future.


  • Great Lakes Scriptwriting Competition
  • Hessen Screenwriting Award (nominated)
  • German Screenwriting Award (nominated)

The Gap questions the nature of the truth, and this is an interesting idea: What price do we pay to tell the truth, what price will we receive by lying, and will a forced truth benefit society? The script sings with humor, moves quickly, and gathers momentum as soon as all players are clearly in place.

Gordy Hoffman

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