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Sampled Grand Piano with Karma!

We have been sampling our vintage 1893 Bechstein grand piano out of the legacy of the armenian virtuoso Maria Kalamkarian and created a virtual instrument for NI Kontakt together with Pianowave. It incorporates 6 dynamic layers plus release-, sustain-, hammer- and alternating pedal-samples that are controlled by a highly efficient scripting logic in real time. The instrument reacts just as a real piano; stunts like repedalling are no problem.

Thanks to our unique HBT (hybrid bit technology), perfectly looped late note tails and Pianowave’s proprietary voice management, this high-end library is compact enough for quick downloads and overflowing hard disks as well as „modest“ enough for a solid performance even on weaker systems.

The playing of this Kontakt instrument brings up a colorful and warm sound, that is despite its nice depth and ambience still direct enough to create a convincing „real piano playing“ illusion. Our Kalamkarian Bechstein has an elegant timbre in the lower dynamics while being capable of turning into whipping thunder if you dig in hard – without getting muddy. Occasional „sloppy“ notes represent this old lady and have not been banned to keep up the true charm of this instrument.

Listen to our dry, linear Kalamkarian Bechstein Demos with just a slight brickwall limiting in the output stage:



© Pianowave & UVASONAR Media Pool 2009. Produced by Stefan Kortner & Roman Beilharz. – Scripting and Main Editing: Stefan Kortner –  Recording and Mastering: Roman Beilharz – Recording session player: Donato Deliano – Piano technician: Stephan Cobré.
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