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Grand Piano ♦ Samples ♦ Hybrid Recording ♦ VI’s

The highlights in our instrumental portfolio are a vintage 1892 Bechstein grand piano and a Yamaha Recording-9000 drum set, which can be used both acoustically and as a MIDI-trigger kit. A variety of cymbals and percussion instruments are available as well as a mandolin, a violin, a recorder flute and a couple of E-guitars and – basses. On top of that we own one of the most comprehensive collections of virtual instruments worldwide including the Vienna Symphonic LibraryEast-West Quantum Leap, some of the most amazing VIs by SampleModeling and last but not least Orchestral Strings, Stradivari and the Gofriller Cello by Garritan. More great sounds by ProjectSAM and Native Instruments expand this already huge variety of sampled instruments. Btw. we have sampled our Bechstein grand together with Pianowave; you can order this amazing multi-sample for your own purposes here. We use to combine all these highly authentic simulations with real acoustic instruments, to breathe the last dram of life into them.

This video example of a drum recording shows how we merge the classic analog recording process with state-of-the-art digital technology. You see and hear live mic’d cymbals, while all drums trigger sampled sounds by Toontrack’s Superior Drummer. Many other compatible sound libraries stand by to expand the range of possible drum sounds for this application. Alternatively you can use the stunning sounds which FXpansion’s drum sampler BFD and the expansion sets by PlatinumSamples provide. All drum libraries have been created with tremendous effort in the most praised recording studios in the world.

This way we can offer our clients a variety of instrumental choices and virtual room settings, that they could not even dream of – and afford – using plain old acoustic recording technology in a single studio

When you rather for thunderous electronic sound machines, we have an Access Virus, a Novation VStation, NI Komplete and a nicely expanded NI Reaktor system and other Soft-Synths in the drawer (including Skanner XT, Massive, Form etc.). Nothing beats Spectrasonics‘ Stylus RMX with its wealth of sound expansions when it comes to throbbing beats and nifty drum loop arrangements. The bass sampler Trillian is a frequent player in modern tracks that need a quick bassline with that extra punch. Besides we have a massive Sound-Effects-Library with everything from Mongolian pigs to failing rocket engines for all sound-design tasks, e.g. for radio-plays, audio books and films.

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