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The true potential of a recording studio can not be estimated by a mere look at the equipment list. Much more important are the capabilities of the sound engineer in charge to use the equipment in a way that meets the demands of the project, the budget and the acoustic conditions of the recording room at the same time. That’s why you won’t find a complete gear list here. Nonetheless we would like to give you some basic information about the equipment we use most of the time and point out and thank some companies, whose products are so efficient and fantastic to use, that they are invaluable for our daily work.

Everything revolves around two DAW’s in silent Eye towers optimized by NoiseMagic, that are configured to balance all data in a way that serves both speed and a triple backup security. The heart of our DAW-setup is a RME-Audio Fireface UFX + Octamic XTC combo, which can record up to 28 simultaneous channels in single rates (44,1/48 kHz) and up to 20 mic/line channels in 88,2/96/192 kHz. Our main application for audio recording and editing is Samplitude Pro X, for HD video editing we use SONY Vegas Pro and also have After Effects at hand. The video processing is being taken to the max by Neat Video and a Boris Continuum Complete package. In almost every project we use audio-effects by Sonnox (Oxford EQ & Dynamics, Inflator), TC Electronic (mainly System 6000 algo’s), Voxengo (Elephant!), TriToneDigital (HydraTone and AngelTone – the best analog clone EQs ever), FabFilter, SPL and brainworx.


Under the reign of the stunning Gordon Electronics Model 5 reference mic preamp, all other external mic pre’s come from SPL (a bunch of GainStations and GoldMikes). Besides popular standard mic’s by Audio-Technica, Shure, AKG and Sennheiser we are especially enthusiastic about the sound of our Microtech-Gefell M930’s, that we use all the time for soloists, vocals and speech as well as for ORTF- and EBS-arrays. On demand, we can also provide a matched pair of the unparalleled Josephson C617 small-diaphragm condensers. Ah, well and the first Rode mic pair we ever fell in love with: 2 Rode NTR ribbons are ready to capture amazing live performances. We use Voxox Sonorus direct-S cabling for hyperdirect, crisp mic and instrument signals and Carbokabs by Sommer Cable for all mic’s that need classy trebles with more bass. Our reference speaker system is a  nifty custom design of Sky Audio’s highly transparent Verdade monitors in a 2.1 configuration powered by a massive SPL Performer s800 power horse amplifier with VOLTair technology.

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