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BabY BoOmer is a fresh hot eclectic jazz trio shaped around the energetic Jazz Guitar Professor Werner Neumann. Together with the two amazing youngsters Robert Lucaciu (bass) and Philipp Scholz (drums) he creates an intriguing sound field reaching from country ballads over alternative rock up to urban world soundscapes while still honoring the improvised jazz idiom. The three interact perfectly as they have been binded together underscoring a theatre production with step dancers. A German club tour at the end of 2012 gave them lots of chances to show their genuine wit and skills.

UVASONAR Media Pool has recorded BabY BoOmer live at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Kassel on November, 29th 2012 using an array of 4 HD cameras and multitrack audio with on-stage studio-quality near field miking. The stage setting have then been meticulously recreated in post production using state-of-the-art Vienna MIR room sampling.

Filmed by Roman Beilharz and Michael Walter

Sound Recording: Marcel Quappen

Location engineer: Michael Arand

Organizer: Wolfram Benczek, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

Edited, color-corrected, mixed and mastered by Roman Beilharz


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