Meet Archie Patterson: Cultural Historian & Music Journalist specializing in German, French and International Rock. He is the author of four books on European Rock & the Second Culture, and related topics and the founder of Eurock Distribution.

Editor ♦ Music Journalist  ♦  Cultural Historian

In 1971, Archie Patterson earned a BA in English and Philosophy from California State University (Fresno, CA, USA).  After his graduation in 1971, he began his career as a freelancer creating the Eurock Radio Program on KFIG FM (1971 – 1975, in Central California, more recently at HiLoRadio.com). In 1973 ,he published Eurock magazine, the first English language Magazine on European Rock (1973 – 2000, 45 Issues).

From 1975 to 1981, Patterson was Manager at Intergalactic Trading Co. + Greenworld Ltd. In 1981, he founded his own company, Eurock Distribution (1981 – 2009), with the goal of Importation, Promotion & Marketing of International Experimental Music. His initial focus was on German Electronic Music that was known at that time under the label “Krautrock”.

He is the author of four books on European Rock & the Second Culture, and related topics. In 2009, he gave up his Eurock Company and is now working as an independent Journalist and music producer.

Mother Nature’s soundtrack was the beginning of the musical continuum. Rituals of the ancients added to the mix primitive instruments made of sticks, stone, shells, skins, strings and dance creating live mythical histories that celebrated the gods and people’s life stories.

In my early years, guitars and sound became amplified by electricity, later drugs created a seismic cultural shift that changed the way people lived and listened to music all around the world. In 1958, I personally discovered rock music and my own life underwent a radical change that ultimately led me to creating Eurock on FM radio in 1971.

In 1973, Eurock also became  the first English language publication to focus exclusively on experimental music from Germany „Krautrock“ and Europe. Not long after it expanded when suddenly artists and new bands began sending me their music from Mexico, Japan, Russia and all corners of the globe.

Eurock always worked outside the margins of commercial music as a catalyst creating a small worldwide DIY network of friends, musicians and contacts. Only on very rare occasions did it breach the mainstream. Miraculously, in 2013, I was invited to donate my Eurock materials to the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum Archives.

Musical innovation is full of danger to the whole State, and ought to be prohibited.


The Eurock DOC Film
As a result of my trip to France in 2015 and publication of the new book on the music of Urban Sax I was encouraged to attempt making a Eurock Documentary. Now thanks to the help of a few great friends technically and artistically there is a 4-minute trailer offering a glimpse into „Archie’s World“.




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