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About 20 minutes away from the German city of Kassel you find our recording studio surrounded by a beatuiful landscape, a perfect place to recharge your batteries while taking a walk outside or a relaxing in the sun. Bright, homely rooms create an intimate work climate for your recording session, supported by our unique one-room concept: Instead of being seperated by a brickwall-thick window, sound engineer, producer and musicians share the same room. This allows for all kinds of non-verbal communication; the team is perfectly able to grasp the spirit of the emotionally most convincing takes.

We have all the best and most expensive virtual instruments at hand including VSL, East-West, Toontrack, FXpansion, Native Instruments, Garritan and many others, but are also well equipped when it comes to real “hardware” acoustic instruments. Our vintage 1892 Bechstein grand piano provides amazing richness and color while also being a great choice for modern styles demanding a dynamic, thunderous and “wiry” sound. A variety of electric guitars and basses gets accompanied by our classy Yamaha Recording 9000 drum kit, which can be used both acoustically and as a MIDI-trigger kit.

Thanks to our highly efficient process chain using the best out of the analog and the digital world, we can achieve an extremely high audio fidelity while keeping prices affordable. Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering are masterly executed by engineers, who are not only technically accomplished, but have a lifetime of experience as active musicians and music producers. That’s why you can be sure, that the requirements of your production will always be implemented in a stylistically tasteful way – regardless, whether it is about Classical Music, Jazz, Pop, Voice-Overs or Hard Rock.